people used to have to paint their own selfies

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We’ll miss you.


having only 2 friends in class and you have to pair up and they choose each other


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i hate the fact that they killed Allison as the scott’s first love and not as the hunter she was to be honest.


theyre always shitting themselves and zayn’s just like ok 


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We’re just a bunch of teenagers. We can’t handle this.

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“Stop hating on yourself for not being perfect. If God wanted perfection, He would have made you an angel.”

– Yasmin Mogahed. (via alfikrah)

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Before I was in the band I was massively gut-wrenchingly nervous whenever I was gonna do something on stage, but now it transferred from nerves into excitement. I’m more like excited and buzzed up to go on stage. But I still get the same rush and I still get the same buzz.

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i went to look up coup de foudre (“love at first sight”) but i fucked up


i fucked up so much

i didn’t know it was possible to fuck it up this much

"I figured it out.. Saw the mistakes of up and down, meet in the middle. There's always room for common ground."

make me choose

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